Soul Power's courses and community help you maximize your vitality


Soul Power's courses and community help you maximize your vitality



​Discover how to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.


Connect with an amazing community of women in Soul Power


​Love yourself more- your body, your soul, your story.



​Video and audio courses 

to guide you into self-care, self-nourishment and self-love.


​Private community Forums to chat, share and inspire each other. 


​Regular community live calls with Kari.

​Hey love, I have a secret for you...

​​It's one that took me years of dealing with a chronic illness, toxic relationships, and emotional healing to truly get.

​Learning to nourish yourself is the key to feeling empowered.

Sounds obvious, but we women don't often take great care of ourselves.

We focus on work, our families, our significant others, others' expectations- basically anything other than putting ourselves first.

It's uncomfortable to put yourself first.

When is the last time you deeply nourished yourself, using your intuition to guide you in doing just what you needed to replenish your energy and calm your spirit?

I've professionally coached thousands of women, and if you're like everybody else, the answer is "I don't remember."

And that's a shame. 

Because while we're busy making sure the whole world runs on time, we aren't putting enough energy in to ourselves.

​Let me tell you, there's a better way.

I've discovered that developing an unbreakable relationship with yourself is the key to a happy life. I know this because I transformed my own life creating exactly that. 

In Soul Power I help you learn to put yourself first in a powerful, healing way. We use the forums to connect with women worldwide on the same journey. And on live calls I share with you all the latest happening​s, answer your questions and connect together in real time.

I've coached thousands of women through their own unique challenges. And I've seen again and again that self-nourishment is the key to everything.

​I teach women to use the power of their relationship with themselves to transform their own lives because ​women finding their personal power is my mission. Soul Power Women learn to create a deeper relationship with themselves and a greater understanding of how to live from their authentic whole being.​

Women in Soul Power feel empowered in themselves, their story, and are finally taking direction of their life. 

I want this for you too.

Join us today. I can't wait to meet you! 


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